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D.A.R.E Essay

D.A.R.E.- Define Access Respond Evaluate

D.A.R.E.- Drug Abuse Resistance Education

This year in D.A.R.E. I have learned many things that will help me and my family stay away from drugs and alcohol. Like even though my family knows that smoking can cause lung cancer or can kill someone with second-hand smoke but I bet that they did not know how much tar they get in their lungs in a year or how smoking makes your skin age faster. They probably did not know that smokers have more colds and upper breathing problems like a few people I know.

I have also learned that not all kids do drugs. 93% of eighth graders do not smoke and 85% of eighth graders do not drink. So by the results I know that it is not cool to do drugs. Drugs are not cool for one reason and that is because they can really hurt someone. I know many people who smoke and drink, unfortunately some of them are kids and some are teenagers I just hope that they would see that it is not cool or healthy to smoke

I have also learned about Mr. Dip lip is a  doll that our D.A.R.E teacher brought in.Mr. Dip lip uses tobacco in his lip. Did you know that by putting tobacco in your lip can get your tongue cut off.When we observed it I noticed the lip was cut, the teeth were yellow, the gums looked disgusting. But that is what dip will do. I learned that the people who make dip used to put fiber glass in dip so it could easily get into the bloodstream. Dip destroys the mouth. I know a few people who used and use dip. I wish they wouldn’t after what I have learned I am trying my best to keep people I know and people I meet off of dip.

Did you know that it is illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 18. Also smokers have more colds and upper respiratory problems. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerful substance that cause addiction.Also there are more than 200 know poisons in tobacco.From that over 400,000 people die each year.

When in D.A.R.E. I also learned about smoking Suzie. Smoking Suzie is a doll that was made to show us the affects of smoking. I think that smoking Suzie was very helpful because I did not know all the affects of smoking, like how much tar you get in your lungs a year.

Another thing that will always help you is the D.A.R.E rules.

1. Raise your hand so that only one person speaks at a time.

2. Be positive and respectful. A put down  can hurt feelings.

3. Observe and use the quiet signal.


Oty’Okwa (Camp Groups)

The first week in May our whole 6th grade class took a field trip to Camp Oty Okwa.  When we first pulled up to camp I was wondering who would be in my group.  When we got to camp we didn’t get in groups right away we played a game.  While I was playing the game wondering who was in my group then the game was over.  Then the counselor put us in 5 groups.

I was put with some of my friends. What happen was they said Nick U,Kyra S, Dustin C, Emily D, Katie R, Jakob S, Hayley F, Lindsey h and Austin D . That is all the people who was in my group.

On the first day we got in our class and our first class was Pioneering.  In Pioneering we got to make candles and headbands.  When we got done with making our headbands and candles and we all sat down and the counselor told us stories the pioneers told.

The first day of camp I was in a group of people some of the people I didn’t even like. How would you feel if you were put in a group of people and most of them you did not even like? Well my answer to that is horrible I did not even what to talk to any of them as soon as I was in the group. I was walking with the group and I slid in the mud. How would you feel if you were in you favorite clothing? I really think the first think that happened with me falling in the mud got the group to change a little.This paragraph below tells you the first thing I thought to my self.

Then one of the group members helped me up. The second day of camp we were all having fun. How would you feel the second day of camp when the people you did not like you liked now as friends?

This is the teacher that got me to climb the rest of the way on the wall. Do you know what the wall looks like? Trust me I do. Look at this picture.

When we went on stream study we had so much fun.  Dustin Cradlebuagh and Austin Dingus went under the water fall. That was so stupid but it did change our group.

What was funny was Kyra Katie and Austin  got lost when we went on forest orienteering.It was so funny.Then when nick uhl was going pass me and Lindsey he passed gas.

Trying to teach my dog tricks.

My dog Madison is just the cutes dog ever. My dog has white on her stomach and black every where else.My mom asked me to try and teach my dog some tricks and i did yet it was hard to do.Have you every tried to teach your dog a trick?Its really really hard.


The weather sucks this week. Its 100% of a storm. This weeks  weather sucks. Really Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its 1:50 and it wet as in raining. Doesn’t rain suck!!!

My Cat

My Cat he is a pain in my mind. My cat don’t let you do any thing without letting him go first. Like last night I tried to eat my pizza but here comes my cat Eddie ray he  just looks at me and I have to give him my pizza because of his eyes.Then as soon as he is done eating that pizza that I gave him he whats more.If you have a cat you know what I’m talking about

picture from.

My Memaws New Dogs

My memaws  new dogs are so cute on is a girl her name is Cricket she is named that because when she runs she hops. Her other dog name is Buddie he is so so cute. The dogs are both Min Pin Chihuahuas. Min Pin Chihuahuas are not hard to find but if you know one thing their daddy is a Min Pin. A red Min Pin and they are hard to find.In the picture one the side  is what Min Pin Chihuahuas looks like.


I think this year when we take the Ohio Achievement Assessment I think I will do better than I did last year. I know I will do better than last year because we as a whole class have been working hard for the Ohio Achievement Assessment. Also I know that as hard as the teachers have been working that pushes us a little. It also sounds like Martha was having a very bad day. First her daughters babysitter called and said she couldn’t come so she had to take her to her sisters who lived 20 miles away then her daughter spilled her cereal so she had t clean it up then she spilled her coffee all over her shirt and had t get one out of the dirties. By the time she got to work she was late and wanted a diet coke but she didn’t have any change to bye one the her boss yelled at her and said she wasn’t allowed to take a break until she had all the tests graded. I think Martha will probably read over the extended responses by how they’re worded like if it is close but not exact. I would want to make it as good as possible, but Martha might not care about the long sentence I put on our test document. Especially if I had no numbers on my paper saying where I got my answer. I would make it easy for her so that wont happen.When the boss yelled at Martha and I was her I would of told him everything that happened and if he didn’t listen then I would of said that I quit and left. Martha’s boss sounds like a horrible and mean person, I hate being late but I hate getting yelled at for being late when I have a good excuse even more.If I was Martha I would go through them and go A+ A+ A+ A+ and I would not even pay attention to what they wrote because she has had a bad day so far and it will only get worse and then I would go home and SLEEP and then do it over again. I would really want to get it over with. I hope that Martha is not in a bad mood when she is grading my test.