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OAA #2

When I take the OAA I am going to do these strategies………

1.Skim the passage

2. Read the questions

3. Look for extras(word bank,other titles ex)

4.Re-Read the passage

5.write neatly

6.Re-Read the questions

7.Underline the important text in the question and search in the passage

8.Go back in the passage and look for answers

9.Eliminate bad answer choices. I use this strategy on multiple choice questions

10.look for the en

d of the story

11.Read the title

Here are some things I will do at home for test like this one in a week….

1.Get about 6 to 9 hours of sleep a great and healthy breakfast

3.STUDY once or twice a day.

There are the strategies I will do at home and on the test.



Last week 6th grade had their first Dare class.Here are some questions we answered today.

What does Dare stand for?

Here is my answer : Dare stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Do you feel Dare is an important program why or why not ?

Yes it is so we don’t turn out sick and wanting drugs all the time.

Do you think we should give up class to do dare? Why or Why not.

Yes but only thursdays. So we learn to stay away from drugs.

I Hate Grades!

My teachers are in a tough situation, they don’t know if the students attitude should reflect. There are both positives on my theory.I think it should be extra credit, I don’t think it should hurt your grade just for your attitude. I think if you have a really good grade lets say a A+++++++++++ like Ridge Young and you have a bad attitude like a framer after fighting a snake then you grade should go down. If you have a really bad grade like a F+++++++ and you have a really good attitude then your grade should go higher.

If the student had tried their hardiest and pay attention that should reflect on their grade. Paying attention helps you understand the lesson and helps you when doing an assignment. I don’t think it should be all about Study Island and Quia.If you have a bad attitude and your class participate stinks, then you don’t deserve 3 extra point. So, it won’t hurt or improve your grade.If you don’t participate you don’t learn. They won’t yell at you if you get it wrong, so why not participate.

My Predictions For Freak The Mighty

My Predictions For Freak The Mighty. Written By:Rodman Philbrick.There are some things I will predict that will or will not happen next here is a list:

1.I think Kevin aka Freak will come in and try to take Max home

2. Grim will see that Max is gone and put signs up saying (Lost Boy Named Max height weight color of hair clothing that is wearing and here is a picture of him

3. Gran will be scared and say he is okay over and over again

4. Killer Kane will try to hide Max and hes self if Grim  puts lost pictures of Max

Predictions about my book Vet Volunteers #2

Hi I am Emily Drummond the book I’m reading is called Vet Volunteers #2 Homeless by :Laurie Halse Anderson. Here is a list of predictions I think will happen next to the character Sunita,

1.The hand from the cat bite will get a big bubble of skin which is swollen.

2.She wont mess with the cat tiger again.

3.Dr.Mac wont let her help no more in the clinic for animals

4. The Animal control  will get the cat tiger.

Freak the Mighty

I think that being in ability groups is better than one big class. I think this because the lower level students might not be able to do what the higher level students can do.But then I think if Max is in the higher achievers class he would struggle too. So I think he should stay in the class but then I don’t think he should stay. If Max stays in a class with Kevin. Kevin will probably not study when he gets home he might  not do what he use to. You see if Kevin keeps helping Max,Kevin will get so far behind in class work. He might even get so far behind in home work. So I thing that Max should not be in a class with Kevin. So I think Max should go in the lower achiever.

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late!

The book If You’re Reading This Its Too Late is a really surprising book. The name of the book just got me wanting to reading it.In this book it tells you to read at your own risk as in read if you dare.This book is really hanging me up but my toes as like I’m saying it puts me on the edge of my set.The book really starts on chapter 33. and ends on chapter 1. This book really is the wake up call. If you would take a risk and read the book If You’re Reading This Its Too Late make sure you have popcorn and a 2 letter of pop.